Printing Tips

Keep your printer clean. A printer is like any other electronic device; to function optimally it must be kept clean and may periodically require servicing by a technician.  Alltech specializes in printer repair and maintenance and has certified printer technicians who can diagnose and repair any of your printer problems.  Alltech also has several service plans available to businesses that would like to take a proactive approach to printer service and maintenance.  Printer paper jams or a printer not printing at its optimum can waste time and money for you and your business.

Don’t shake an empty cartridge at the end of its life cycle. To maximize your cartridge’s life, you can gently tilt a cartridge from side to side when it is starting to run low, but shaking can cause toner to leak out onto you and/or your printer.

Please do not write on the cartridge boxes. We are a green company and would like to reuse the cartridge boxes again.  As a company we believe in reusing as many resources as we possibly can.  Empty labels are available for used cartridge boxes. Simply ask one of our drivers or sales people and we would be happy to provide you with labels.

Toner cartridges are best stored at room temperature out of the direct sunlight. Leaving a cartridge in the sun or in extremely hot temperatures can damage a cartridge.

When printing labels from a laser printer it is usually best to use a printer’s paper tray 1. Printing labels from other trays can cause the labels to get stuck on the printer cartridge or on the printer itself.  Please see your printer’s instruction manual before printing labels.